The legendary RS wheel is the real BBS classic in road wheels. It was the first 3-piece wheel on the market and came 1983. The RS wheel was produced until 1995. The wheel centre was made out of forged aluminium and finished in brillantsilver or gold. A lot of versions from 15 to 17 inch war available, most of them fixed with 34 bolts. Usually RS wheels had the centre fitted between the inner and the outer rim half, sealed by a special sealing glue.

1995 followed the 2-piece RS II wheel. It had a new polished stainless steel protector. The RS II wheel was fixed with only 16 titanium bolts. The wheel centre was made of heat-treated counter pressure casting and finished in sport silver. The rim was produced by rolled process. The filler was integrated in one of the bolts. For pressure control an adapter has to be used. The RS II wheel was available until 2002.

2004 again came a 3-piece wheel made by BBS: The GT, but this wheel was offered only until 2006. It was available as 18, 19 or 20 inch wheel. The wheel center was made of forged, ball-polished aluminium, the rim halves were flow formed out of forged aluminium, fixed with titanium bolts.

As the street licences for 2- or 3-piece wheels forbid disassembling of these wheels, BBS never offered parts for them. If a wheel was damaged, it had to be sent to the factory for repair.

If nowerdays somewhere rim halves or bolts for BBS RS wheels are offered, than these parts come from disassembled original wheels or are repruductions of other manufacturers.

BBS RS-, RS II- and GT-wheels are no longer available.

We do not trade spare parts needed to disassemble and rebuild these wheels.

Here you will find BBS RS/RS II spare parts.