Since more than 50 years now BBS is producing racing wheels.
Hobby racers as well as pro-drivers profit by this extraordinary know-how - and so does everybody who just likes original BBS racing wheels.

Most of the BBS racing wheels are 3-piece-wheels with a centre section casted out of magnesium alloy (E30/E50) or drilled out of a forged aluminium blank (E87/E88) and rim halves made of high quality aluminium.

BBS racing wheels offer highest quality and the possibility of a completely order-based production, most individually specified for the cars needs.

This does not only mean diameter and width of the wheel – but also the centre-section-height for caliper clearance, the offset of the wheel and all the other technical specifications – combined with lightweight technology.
BBS racing wheels are available in 4- und 5-bolt-circles in various diameters and also for centrelock-systems.

Flatbase- or drop-centre-system does not mean the width of the outer rim half. In fact flatbase-wheels are made with rims, that have the same diameter as the centre section. So it is not possible to mount or remount the tyre on a flatbase wheel as usual! The wheel has to be disassembled and then reassembled on the new tyre! Otherwise damage is caused!

Usually the classical BBS magnesium racing wheels E30 and E50 are mounted on the car with flathead nuts with sleeve and washer, but they also are available for round- or taperhead systems. Modern BBS racing wheels always are fixed with round- or taperhead systems or centre locks.

BBS racing wheels often are copied, but these copies never are as good as the original. The wheels design may be copied, but not the most important things: know-how and quality. This requires enormous efforts, so a BBS racing wheel can never be real cheap - but it’s worth the price. There should be no compromises - as long as wheels are concerned.

The products shown on these web sites are only a part of the complete BBS-Motorsport-Collection.

Just ask for an offer:

Note: BBS racing wheels are made for high intensity and raceway using – no guarantees;
made for racing use only, not TÜV-proofed; single-piece work to customers specifications; no exchange