For security reasons and to make sure, that the wheels won’t loose pressure it is important to use a new sealing ring and a new set of rim-bolts/nuts if the wheel is remounted.
Always use original BBS parts.

Parts available:
rim halves, center sections, sealing rings, rubber rings, bolt sets, aluminium/steel fillers, filler hole block offs, M6 inserts, flathead nuts, centerlock nuts and rim stickers.

To get an offer for these parts please contact:

Center sections
Rim halves
Sealing rings
Bolt/nut sets
Flathead nuts;
flathead bolts are
no longer available
Aluminium and steel fillers,
filler hole block offs
Filler-cap with BBS-logo
filler-cap Rubber-O-rings
M6 inserts
Hub caps
black plastic,
60 and 73 mm, NOS

(offered only if a complete set of wheels is ordered)
Hub caps polished
stainless steel
60 and 73 mm, NOS or used

(offered only if a complete set of wheels is ordered)
Logo Logo
BBS logos
Centerlock nuts
Aufkl. Rim stickers
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